From the Board of Directors
Sherry K. Clifton

1326 S.Ridgewood Ave.,  Suite 14
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

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The Association maintains an official email list that is used  for correspondence such as Board meeting summaries and for special announcements or news that affects ourresidents.
Board Meetings

Your Board cordially encourages your attendance at the monthly Board Meetings. They provide valuable and current information on what is happening in the association and allow for membership participation in decisions that affect the entire community. They allow you the opportunity to get to know not only the board members responsible for the administration and oversight of the HOA but other association members as well.

Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Clubhouse and start at 7:00 PM with a planned adjournment at 8 PM. Notices are posted at least 48 hours in advance of the meetings at the two exiting road bulletin boards, as well as the one in front of the clubhouse.

Board of Directors

Magdi Bishara – President
Doug Lynch – Vice President
Ted Powers – Secretary
Jim Bowyer – Treasurer
Henry Marcley – Director
Jim Shriner - Director
John Russo - Director

The Board of Directors and Clifton Management continue to work to improve our community. Sometimes, it seems to take forever and other times, things get done quickly. Here’s a recap of the current status of several projects, plus a few helpful hints and requests.

Spring Cleaning

It is time to take a critical look at your house and landscape. Please try to see you home from the perspective of your neighbors. Some of the things to take care of (some need ARC approval):

•Does your house need paint?
•Does your roof need to be repaired?
•Is your garage door damaged?
•Does your driveway or sidewalks need pressure washing?
•Are you hedges and bushes trimmed?
•Does your lawn need some sod? Are there bare patches?
•Does your yard look overgrown?
•Have you raked the leaves from the yard?
•Please do not place yard waste/limbs in the area around the street drains. These drain into the river and if you fill them with trash, they won’t drain. Did you know that if you have a street drain on your property curb, you are expected to keep it clean?

We still have pet owners who are walking their dogs and not picking up after them. If you see this happening, please let the pet owner know they are violating our rules, leaving an unsanitary condition for others and just plain inconsiderate. If you are one of those who don’t feel it is necessary to clean up after your dog, then you shouldn’t have a dog! Be a considerate neighbor and pick up behind your pet. This includes anywhere in the neighborhood, lawns, common areas, and unimproved areas.

•New Lock System. The Pool and Tennis court locks are installed and fully functional. There are separate keys for the boat launch gate and storage area.

•Pool/Playground Fencing. The new fences are installed. The fencing cost us about $30,000. Please take care of it. If you see someone climbing on the fence or swinging on the gates, say something and report them to management.

•Clubhouse. We are anticipating our insurance company will help defray the cost of the repairs from the leaking sprinkler pipes. Final estimates are being sourced and we hope to have the work completed before too long. The berms that were placed along the walls of the clubhouse have been removed. The removed dirt was used to fill some of the holes and low areas around the clubhouse. Design and moisture retention caused by these berms is what caused many of our issues. We have put a rock drain field around the building and will be doing landscape upgrades over time. What else needs to be done? As we have the funds, the siding below the windows needs to be replaced, new doors and windows, the damaged exterior wood must be replaced and the exterior needs painting. We have some reserves, but this will not be a low-cost project.

•Pool Area. We recently had the undergrowth around the pool cleaned up. It looks better. Things on the To Do List: Pool Furniture needs replacing or re-strapping. The sun is hard on the pool furniture and unfortunately, some of our residents don’t take care of things.

•Security Cameras. This year’s budget includes funds to upgrade the video surveillance system at the clubhouse. This work has been scoped and we are waiting on a final bid. As part of this work, some cameras from the dock area will be transferred to the club house and higher definition cameras placed in the dock area.

•Landscape. Erna and Chris continue to maintain and improve our landscape at the entry and within community. Please offer to help if you can and let them know their efforts do not go unnoticed. The Board of Directors appreciates the work they do. Every resident should as well.

•Bike Racks. We have two new bike racks at the entry. We want to get pavers or some other type of soil covering there to improve the looks and functionality.